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This site, maintained by her family,is dedicated to Vivien Eley Tomlinson, who died in November 2012. It comprises many years of research by Vivien into her forebears in and around Batley, West Yorkshire.

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-Philip Tomlinson, widower

About is a section which explains howher studies developed

The Master Index lists everyone in the database alphabetically, by surname where this is known.

The Surname Index is the one to use if you are interested in those with a particular surname

The Notable People section replaces the old "Longer Narratives" but does not imply that these are the only people worthy of note.

Families contains information about families mentioned which does not fit conveniently under the heading of particular individuals

Shoddyopolis has some information about Batley

Batley Mills is self-explanatory

Charts currently showher ancestry and descendants of William Blackburn, Michael Sheard and Joseph Hall.

This denotes a direct ancestor.